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To ensure fast and reliable interpretation, distribution and diagnosis of patients,  radiology clinics have ongoing needs for world-class IT systems and networks that are personalised for the services they offer. AlphaClick has established itself as the team that delivers cutting-edge IT solutions for single site radiology clinic and multi-site clinic. We are here to help you improve the operations of your radiology clinics.


Having offered several result-oriented solutions to our clients with RIS (Radiology Information System) and PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) over the years, we have an unrivalled knowledge of these systems; hence,  we perfectly understand how they work. Whether you are using single or different providers for RIS and PACS,  we have got you covered as our experience,  expertise, and commitment to extraordinary services will always make the difference in our services. At AlphaClick,  we are always within your reach to deliver rapid responses that can optimize your radiology IT support and workflow. We have worked and are still working with various radiology clinics that use different radiology clinic software such as Voyager Imaging, MiSoft, Karisma, COMRAD, and MEDPAC. Therefore, you can rest assured that we can service your needs with so much consistency and effectiveness.

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Testimonials from our radiology clients

Dr V Chan

Director, Clarity Imaging

There are so many benefits using AlphaClick as our IT partner, However, if I can only say one, Alphaclick is a very comprehensive service - from sourcing, configuring and installing hardware and all software requirements, to working and collaborating with industry specific software vendors, to telecommunications and website development and maintenance as well as SEO. It is really advantageous to have all IT under one provider because we only have to contact Alphaclick for all our IT needs and issues, and they can maintain efficient running of the whole business. I think AlphaClick is better than other IT firms I have worked with in the past. Because, they are trustworthy and offer solutions that are in the bests interests of their customers. They are always up to date and knowledgeable with technologies and makes the whole process efficient. And if any business is looking for an IT partner, all I have to say is,  you would regret it if you didn’t choose Alphaclick, because AlphaClick provide excellent, prompt and reliable service. They are always available and helpful in all aspects of IT. The Alphaclick team is dynamic and have so much more to offer than other companies.

Leesa Gibbs

Clinical Manager, Clarity Imaging

I was very apprehensive about making a change in our IT support service. Thankfully Angelo, Rachi and the team at Alphaclick made the transition smooth and worry free.

Angelo understands the context of our business and I am grateful that I can entrust Alphaclick to effectively manage all our IT needs.  With our IT in good hands I can concentrate on growing the business

Julie Rosato

Director, Clearview Radiology

AlphaClick works with our main software provider (Voyager) and all other service providers and I only have to make one phone call to sort out any issues, not call multiple companies that won't communicate with each other. That is why AlphaClick is better than other IT firms I have worked with in the past. They are a one-stop-shop for your IT, easy to contact and easy to deal with. 

Mark Mountford

Director, Victorian Dental Imaging Group

The Single biggest benefit of being with AlphaClick is peace of mind, knowing that whatever happens with my IT that it will be immediately addressed. AlphaClick are able to diagnose problems very quickly. This removes the feeling of frustration, insecurity and uncertainty that IT issues create for a fast-moving business, and moves the issue on to one simply of recovery and repair.

AlphaClick does two things better than other firms. First, AlphaClick provides total availability. Irrespective of the time, there is always either an immediate response or a rapid return of call. Second, AlphaClick are able to rapidly diagnose the issue with clarity and certainty, without the annoying ' could be this, or, on the other hand, it could be that...' They have an innate understanding of my business' scale and needs, and customise their solutions around this understanding. 

I would recommend AlphaClick to any business needing a quick responses, clear diagnosis, good communication skills and a friendly, warm manner, all of which turns the potential pain of an IT breakdown into an enjoyable, efficient process. For any business, I simply cannot think how you could have a better, more customised service.

Tom Proctor

Manager, Brighton Radiology,

Brighton Radiology has been using the services of AlphaClick for 2 years now. Angelo and Rachi are highly knowledgeable and have been extremely efficient at solving problems and offering solutions for any problems we have had with our systems. We highly recommend their services.

Prasanthini Janarathanan

Director, Wyndham Ultrasound

Absolutely awesome team!!!! Where would wyndham ultrasound be without you guys!!!! Thank you. Very reliable professional and overall efficient team!!! Well done guys!!! 😉

Dr Shaw

Director, Kspace Healthcare

AlphaClick has played a vital role in the set-up of our medical practice. Angelo from AlphaClick clearly understood the very complicated set of IT requirements for multi-site connectivity, and came up with the perfect IT solution for our practice. He was able to tackle and problem-solve many unexpected challenges along the way, including networking, internet access and VPN connectivity issues. He successfully implemented the complex IT setup in a timely manner, achieving all of the goals we set out at the beginning. He has been providing us with ongoing IT management since and has been flawless. We would not have been able to run our business without his ongoing support, and I would highly recommend AlphaClick and Angelo to anyone looking for a reliable and capable IT company.

A few of the radiology software we are conversant with include: