Telephone Scam

Are you receiving phone calls asking you to share your business information or bank details?

Even though the caller may seem genuine, beware! It might be a scam!

Scam phone calls are annoying and a threat to your privacy. These calls are made to steal your business information or a private password. If you are not cautious enough, you are sure to get into serious trouble. Scam phone calls are also intrusive and illegal. Scammers make huge profits every year by stealing information through smartphones. With technology all over the place, it is not a tough job for scammers to get your personal phone number. Moreover, if you are a business owner and have listed your number publicly, you are more prone to such calls. Often scam phone calls will not allow you to think, the pitch seems friendly and you will most likely be carried away by their pitch.

 Some things that a scammer might ask you for are:

  • Your credit card number
  • Your social security number
  • Business details

When you receive an unexpected call offering you gifts for unknown reasons, ask yourself some questions:

  • Why is he calling me?
  • Why is he in a hurry?
  • Why should I pay?
  • Should I abstain from confirming my account information?

If you feel that you have received a scam phone call:

  • Politely reject his offers
  • Never reveal any information
  • Call the company that the scammer told he is representing and check for authenticity
  • If you are sure it is a scam phone call, waste no time in filing a complaint with the authorities

Guidelines to avoid falling into the trap

  • Do not yield to pressure
  • Do not make any hasty decision in a hurry. Remember nothing comes for free!
  • Do not share your credit card/ account number to anyone
  • Before you pay money, do a bit of research with the concerned agencies

It is your hard-earned money, secure it!

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