Managed IT and IT Support

Managed IT Services

IT infrastructure and networks are some of the most important aspects of any viable businesses so as to prevent loss of data, security breaches and downtime which can be disastrous to businesses. To save your business from the troubles involved in managing its IT, let our experts at AlphaClick come to your aids.

At AlphaClick, we cater to all your IT needs under one umbrella; thereby, mitigating the problems associated with having to find IT experts that can solve different aspects of your IT systems and infrastructure. Our experience, expertise, and dedication to the delivery of the best services have given us the competitive edge to become an industry-leading company that can offer several IT services.

We can identify, collect and track the overall operational health of your system with up-to-date reports. With this service, the performance of your computer system will be evaluated to see if it is serving its purposes and identify areas where improvements are needed. Whether onsite or remote, our experts at AlphaClick are here to deliver regular maintenance of your system; thereby, ensuring that it is up and running.


IT Service Desk (Australia Based)

Remote IT support

Onsite IT support

Server, Computers, Storage Devices and Network Devices Management

Upgrades and Patch management for Operating Systems and Applications

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • Cloud Data Backup
  • Onsite Data Backup

No-Lockin contracts and flexible plans and pricing

Firewall and Security Management

We will meet with you regularly to discuss your systems and future IT needs so that computer system, network, and infrastructure will be customized to suit your basic needs. We can also provide you with several Remote and Onsite IT support options.

Our performance as a team is built on the professionalism and experience of our IT providers who are capable of managing all your IT needs without leaving any stone unturned.

Our Happy Clients

Steve Earl

Real Estate agent/Company Owner

It is a delight to be a client of AlphaClick for approximately 10 years with both your personal service and that of fellow practitioner in Rachi. In a busy world you have always responded to our needs in a prompt, friendly and explanatory way which has resulted in sound IT outcomes.

 In managing our IT network including our telecommunications we have undoubtedly been in a position to secure the best available hardware at better than competitive prices, very practical advice and integration of software programs and management.

Stefan Glogovac

Exceptional service and speedy responses. This is exactly what is needed when dealing with an IT Support company. This team prioritises all our needs at WOODCUT and delivers instantly.