Benefits of G Suite for business (Google business emails)

The Google Apps for Work is now G Suite. It has been upgraded to offer a fantastic set of amazing tools that can help you scale your business. Whether it is a small business, a growing business or a big business, Google business email is sure to help your business grow. With almost all of Google’s products and services linked to it, it offers businesses more efficient solutions.

And that’s what AlphaClick is here for. We can help you to set up, manage and support G suite for any business in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Aside from improving the workflow and communication between employees here are some other benefits of G Suite:

Your Email, Your Company

With G suite, your employees do not really own their own email. So that in case any of your employee wants to leave the job or be your competitor, you are sure the only way they can be contacted is through the company’s email. Within G Suite administration, if someone leaves the company, with the way G suite is set up, you can immediately change the employee’s password and forward any emails sent to their address to someone else’s. You can also access all of the employee’s email history.

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