Is Your Cyber Security Policy (Or Lack Of One) Leaving You Wide Open To Attacks?

Is Your Cyber Security Policy (Or Lack Of One) Leaving You Wide Open To Attacks?

Do Your Cyber Security Policy or Its Absence Exposes You to Attacks?

A cybersecurity policy is necessary for each business, either big or small, to keep its employees in place. When it comes up to everything about IT, your employees must be aware of what’s adequate or not. The policy must establish prospects, outline regulations, and give employees access to the required resources to enforce the policy.

Your employees are the front lines for the cybersecurity protection of your business. Doesn’t matter you are equipped with all the perfect malware defense, firewalls, and antivirus software in the world; however, your business will be put in considerable danger if you have uneducated employees about IT or those who don’t know about its basics.

What can be done to solve the issue? You can set up your cybersecurity policy. If you have already established one, you can revise it. When it is organized, enforce it!

What Is the Appearance of a Cybersecurity Policy?

The particulars can be different for different corporations; however, it contains all the basics like a usual policy, including equipment handling and password policy.

For example, it must contain regulations about how company equipment can be used, like printers, PCs, and other devices associated with your system. They should be aware of what the company assumes about them when they log into a device possessed by the company, what kind of software they can install as per the rules, and what they can approach while web browsing.  They should be aware of how to approach the work network securely and recognize what type of data can be shared on that network.

If we narrow it down, the rules and regulations established in different cybersecurity policies are associated with:

  • Access to general web
  • Remote access to interior claims
  • Email usage
  • Access to social media
  • Passwords
  • File sharing

You should also narrow down IT responsibilities in policies. To whom can employees text, email, or call when they want IT support? What pyramid are they supposed to follow? Will they have any interior provisions? Can they interact with your IT service associates or managed services providers (MSP)?

It is essential to provide resources to the employees for the efficient implementation of policies. It can happen in different ways. It can be a support phone number they can contact or a manual they can use as a reference. It could be continuous training about cybersecurity subjects or all of the above.

Further Categorize Each Regulation: The excellent example of a policy area every business should have in place is the passwords. Many businesses usually oversee the password policy or don’t take them as critically as they have to be. Similar to other cybersecurity policies, more robust password policies are most efficient. A few examples of a password policy are given here:

  • Passwords on every application should be modified within every 60 or 90 days.
  • Every application should have a different password.
  • Each password should be fifteen characters or even lengthier if appropriate.
  • Passwords should contain a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters, at minimum one number, and at minimum one particular character like #, &, @, or %.
  • Passwords should not be reused.

The pleasant news is that all these rules are usually imposed by most websites and apps. However, the adverse news is that these rules are not imposed by ALL websites and apps. Thus, you have to describe to your employees how they can set passwords.

It’s not easy to establish a cybersecurity policy; however, it is essential, particularly today. Many people are distantly working than before. Simultaneously, cyber threats are more significant than before. The more you work to safeguard your employees and business from these cybersecurity threats, you will be affluent when these threats are at your doorstep.

Do not hang back to contact your IT service associate or managed service provider (MSP) when you want any help regarding the establishment or modernization of your cybersecurity policy. They can assist you in accurately assembling what is required for a secure workstation.

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