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Email Virus

Email Virus

What is are email viruses?

  • Email viruses are sent to you via email attachments or hyperlinks to your emails.
  • They are codes or programs that can cause harm such as deleting files, encrypting files and or re-emailing this harmful attachment or link to all your email contacts.

How can you be protected?

  • Make sure there is a strong antivirus program is installed on your computer.
  • As a policy do not open attachments with the file extensions such as:
    • .zip
    • .exe
    • .html
  • If you are not sure about any attachment, please contact your IT for an advice.
  • Refer to the attached image. It is an example of one of the emails we received from one of our customers.

How can we help you?

  • If you receive such an email and if you are not sure simply contact us and we are here to help you.


The attached image is one of the examples.